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can not reenroll device

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we have problems with installing, so we reinstall and reenroll the device. Now after the client connects to the server:

"Device has been removed from management manually"

After this no other actions possible after this, phone "say" all is ok.


Android OS: 6.0.1

Device: STH100-2  (DTEK50)

ERAS: last version



Any Tips?

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  • ESET Staff


If you don't mind losing the ERA history for the device, the easiest way would be to clean up and start from scratch:

  • send a Stop managing task to the device from webconsole (wait for a few minutes for it to propagate)

  • remove the device from ERA using webconsole

  • remove the endpoint app from device

  • (optional check: In the MDM database, Device table, the device should no longer be listed (DeviceID = IMEI or MAC)

  • enroll the device normally

This may have been caused by a bug we found recently, we're working on a hotfix release. Sorry for the trouble.

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stop managing, remove  and renroll:

Client Shows as "ok" but under details old status is mark as red and do not go away, also not up to date massage.

Handy it self say all is fine.



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@madmaxoft Can we get an update on timeline for this patch please.  There are clearly multiple users facing similar issues and for us this is becoming completely unmanageable.  We are now over 2 months without a single mobile client updating its status.    



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