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Proxy server setup question

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I want to have clients download all updates from my single ERA server/proxy server.

In ERA under Admin > Server Settings > Advanced Settings, should I configure the HTTP proxy settings here, or just under the Tools > Proxy portion of my policies?

Things are working (mostly) aside from EGUI.exe crashes on clients and emailed errors about "File not found on server" since updating from 6.5.2107.1 to 6.6.2046, which I have an open support case about. Just trying to figure things out for myself here.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, if you have installed the Apache http proxy either on your ERA server, or on a different machine in the network, or you have a different proxy in place, which support caching, you should:

  1. Configure HTTP Proxy in your ERA Agent policy (to cache agent update files, and installer files, that will be installed via ERA)
  2. Configure HTTP Proxy in your Endpoint / Security product policy, under "tools - proxy" and under "update" where you should check "use global proxy server settings".
  3. Configure HTTP Proxy in your ERA Server Settings, to get module updates for the ERA server itself, and Agent deployment packages / installer packages, when you create all in one installers.
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