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ESET Banking & Payment protection not working on Google Chrome.

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Dear Sir,

Problem: Banking related websites not redirect in ESET Banking & Payment protection on Google Chrome.

Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate SP-1 64-Bit

ESET Version: ESET Smart Security

ESET Banking & Payment protection Module: 1112(20170918)

Google Chrome V.61.0.3163.100(Official Build)(64-bit)

When we visit banking websites (https://infinity.icicibank.com/corp/AuthenticationController?FORMSGROUP_ID__=AuthenticationFG&__START_TRAN_FLAG__=Y&FG_BUTTONS__=LOAD&ACTION.LOAD=Y&AuthenticationFG.LOGIN_FLAG=1&BANK_ID=ICI) and https://www.icicibank.com from Chrome browser, it doesn't ask to switch to secure browser. we have checked in Mozilla Firefox and IE Explorer and it works proper. but in Google chrome none of the banking websites asks to open secure browser. when we add websites manually then it works only for Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Banking protection should detect all the categories of banking and finance related websites.

Please check why this is not happening automatically.

Also attache ELC Logs and Screen shot.


Sandip Thanki,



eset safe brow chorme.jpg


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11 hours ago, SandipThanki said:

Hello Team,

Any Information about new version release date?



Been asking same question, but no answer...  

I'll gues when support for Chrome 61 is released..Google update Chrome to 62 and will not be supportet until...and so on and so on?

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  • ESET Moderators


we usually add support for new versions of browsers by upgrade of Banking & payment protection module, but in case of larger architectonic changes we need to upgrade the product as well, which happened with Chrome 61.

When it comes to the releases, we would like to tell you but it is a top secret information, but should happen this month ;-)

Regards, P.R.

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