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Threats display in ERA console


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Can anyone explain me please why there are difference in displaying computers with threats in ERA console. We have created a dynamic group which runs in depth scan on any computer that is joined there. But that group displays different threats and computes than Windows computer group. 

Any ideas why it is so? 



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  • ESET Staff

Issue is, that you have a DG with "active threats". "Active threats" is not the same as "unresolved threats". Active threats are evaluated by ERA agent. Only way how to clear "active threats" is to run in-dept scan with strict cleaning on the target machine.

Can you please post the DG template, for the "Active threats" dynamic group, so I can verify my assumption. 

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I think you are right. For the DG template I also have trigger that runs in depth scan with strict cleaning when computers join the DG with active threats.


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