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Adding Malware to ESET IS

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It all depends how paranoid you are.

Eset's OPP locks down the browser preventing external modification to it. It also detects against keylogging activities. It was also one of only three AV products certified by Malware Research Group for online banking activities: https://www.mrg-effitas.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/MRG-Effitas-Online-Banking-Certification-2017Q2_wm-2.pdf

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On ‎9‎/‎30‎/‎2017 at 8:03 AM, tuanton said:

For online banking, is it OK to add Anti malware to ESET Internet Security or enough without any further additions.l


What Anti-malware are you referring to? I find ESET ESS BPP just fine by itself. If you are talking about MBAM 3, I would advise against it. MBAM2 played nice with ESS, but since the upgrade to MBAM3 many folks have had issues (yours truly included).

I ditched MBAM3 even though I have a lifetime license.  

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In my opinion,  you must add some layer protection, and don't need to add smth that Eset already have.
Eset has no behavior blocker so search for some behavior blocker like xvirus(it has nice behavior detection).
Use a robust browser like Yandex and tweak it for better security you can also add some extensions, Yandex can even protect your online banking.
Run your browser sandboxed with Sandboxie free or another similar tool.
Use some default deny Deny protection like Rrehips or Appsamvid or even voodoo shield(although it's buggy and unstable always)
Use some good pass manager like Bitwarden(its open source, reliable without any telemetry)
Use a good VPN 24/7 I mean don't connect to the internet without a VPN also Dw everything from trusted websites like Softpedia or others not everywhere.
Set Eset firewall to interactive and manually allow inbound and outbound rules.
You can also search the google for useful grp policy tweaks.
Do these things and your online banking will remain safe:P

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As far as Xvirus goes, it a small Portuguese start up. There is an ongoing thread on it at wilderssecurity.com. It's latest "claim to fame" is it recently added the AI engine VoodooShield uses which is actually just a hook to Microsoft's Azure AI server.

Based on the Wilder's postings it is pretty buggy. It also has yet to be tested by any AV Lab or anyone else like PC Mag for that matter. The informal ransomware testing done by a Wilder's member showed it failing miserably.

Bottom line - why anyone would use it is beyond me. But "each to their own" as the saying goes.

As far as using Sandboxie that is fine as long as you realize it does zip for actual browser protection. It is designed to contain anything downloaded from the browser from infecting your OS installation. Nor will the free vers. protect you against a resident based keylogger for example.

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2 hours ago, John Alex said:


Why I cant?:D how ppl can recommend Malwarebytes but I cant recommend xvirus?

1 hour ago, itman said:


I don't see anything bad with xvirus and from what I see its even better than Malwarebytes or other similar tools.
About the Wilders, I prefer to don't visit that place because they don't let me to comments :)
I Also know he added voodoo Ai to his tool but it's not bad or weak I don't know how they tested xvirus but I saw somewhere tested it and got good scores(i can link you in PV if you want)
Sandboxie cant protect against keylogger I know and that's why ppl using it with keyscrambler but if you sandbox your browser 24/7 then there is nothing to worry I mean that keylogger come from the internet(if we think all infection come from the internet) so Sandboxie can avoid it.

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