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"Firewall not functional" alert for PCs, unable to update or reinstall.

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Hi all,

I've just began managing ESET via ERA for my company and we are seeing an abnormal amount of PCs that are all reporting "Firewall not functional" alerts. These users do not have administrator rights to disable their firewalls. I've noticed a trend with these machines are that a majority of them are still on EES v6.3.2016.0 while the current version we're on is 6.5.2094.0.

Their ERA Agents appear to be functioning fine as the machines are still connected. Most machines will not install via the client task, giving the error message "Task failed, try to install software manually."
The same happens while trying to uninstall Endpoint Security,  "Task failed, try to uninstall software manually."

Any help is appreciated.

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The latest version is Endpoint 6.6. If you create a software install task and send it to a client, does it fail with the same error? Are you able to install it locally?

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