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Service account / Shortcut scanning


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I have two issue and I'm hoping to solve one with the other.

I have been auditing my fileserver access (with a product called FileServer+ from ManageEngine). 
It is throwing up a lot of READ DENY but from machine accounts rather than user accounts.

On closer inspection it would seem that ESET is reaching out roughly every 3 minutes and trying to look at and the target of any shortcuts the user currently has visible in Windows Explorer mostly the Desktop.

So I have two solutions to this, find out how to stop ESET from scanning the shortcuts. I have already disabled the scanning of mapped drives but I'm reluctant to exclude the entire fileserver path as more scanning can only be a good thing. The other solution would be to run the ESET service using a domain based service account that has rights to the shares on the server but I don't know how to change the service.

Anyone have any ideas? 

Thanks in advance,


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Shortcuts are scanned like any other files, ie. when accessed by the operating system or other applications. You could try temporarily disabling automatic start of real-time protection and rebooting the system to see if it makes a difference.

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If i uninstall ESET it doesn't happen so I know that's the issue. :-( 

It seems to do it a LOT less if I update to 6.6.2046 but I'm having other issue with that!

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