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Eset Endpoint Antivirus is blocking a Chrome Cookie


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A business website uses a cookie to maintain login to that website.

One user out of six on the LAN experiences logoffs when using Chrome.

Presumably this is due to Eset blocking read or write of the "login" cookie, or perhaps deleting it?

All users are on ver 5 Eset Endpoint Antivirus and are getting policy from the RA server.

If the user uses Firefox there is no problem, and likewise temporarily disabling Eset (eg for 30 minutes) also alleviates the problem.

I have tried the following to no avail:

  • set exclusion by path to the Chrome Cookie folder
  • set protocol exclusion to Chrome app
  • set the website into the URL Address Management of Web Access Protecion, added to the list of addresses excluded from filtering
  • disabled HIPS
  • disabled HTTP protocol checking


Does anyone have some helpful suggestions for another setting that might work?


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ESET does not detect nor delete cookies. Does temporarily disabling real-time protection make a difference? If not, what about completely uninstalling ESET for a test?

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