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Few ERA/ELA related questions

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I have few questions regarding ERA and ELA from our client. 

1. How to find offline computers in ELA/ERA and identify them?
2. Does in-depth scan ran from ERA on a client scan also mapped network drives (i presume this is defined by policy but what about default settings)?
3. Any suggestion on how to find unprotected computers inside large networks? Client is looking for a solution like this: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/jchalfant/collection-of-computers-missing-an-application-software-title-in-configuration-manager/

Thank you in advance for any help.

Best regards

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  • ESET Staff
  1. Please define, what do you mean by "offline" computer? Computer that has not connected for some period of time? Or computer without any connection? For the first case, there are columns / reports / filters available, and clear indication in both ELA / ERA
  2. This is set by profile settings. By default, network drives are not scanned.
  3. For this purpose, Rogue Detection sensor should be used, that identifies Rogue computers (the ones, which are not yet known to the management server). The ones, that are already known, however does not have security product installed, could be easily filtered out by the means of dynamic groups.
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