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6.3.x Endpoint products, updating from 6.5.x mirror


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Hello All, can ESET Endpoint 6.3.2x update it's modules (AV definitions only) from a mirror created in ESET Endpoint 6.5.2x?

I'm enabling a mirror and it would be a big help to do this now, and upgrade to 6.6x later when I have more time since it is workgroup deployment.

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Yes, you can create a mirror with Endpoint 6.5 and update older versions from it. Endpoint v6.6 will not update from a mirror created by v6.5 and older,  however, it creates a mirror compatible with both older and newer versions (at the cost of downloading double amount of data).

Alternatively you could use the command line Mirror tool to create a mirror (currently not supporting EP6.6 updates but this should change soon). Using an http proxy can save a lot of traffic compared to using a mirror.

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