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EIS 16% Cpu Usage on specific actions

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Windows 10 1703 creators.

EIS 10.1.219

Every windows restart I have lag after entering my password, looking on the cpu usage it says ESET Service  Ekrn.exe is using 15-17% cpu usage till it finish.

Everytime I mount an image , ISO or which ever , the CPU usage is going 17% til 10 sec or so and then it finish.


I don't know why those 2 things happen. uninstalling ESET fix the issue.  Disabling does not.


It's something with Firewall Rules, when deleting all of them it doesn't happen. What rule can cause this ? why it is causing it ?

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Please provide me with ELC logs and a Procmon boot log. For instructions, refer to the appropriate KBs in the FAQ section at the right-hand side of this forum.

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