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Outlook 2010: missing Eset context menu

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Hello :)

I accepted the updated install of and since then, the context menu in Outlook 2010 has been missing.

Under Outlook > Options > Add-ins, the add-in eplgoutlook.dll is listed under "Disabled Application Add-ins".  Please now see attached pictures.59c092c855b3f_Outlookesetaddin3.JPG.133b706de14efa273953f3b4e4d09c72.JPG59c092ceb9e07_Outlookesetaddin4.JPG.2e3d8059574f778cb47bde9848486366.JPG59c092b8e265f_Outlookesetaddin2.JPG.1a22503bc7cbdddc26c252584897499a.JPG

Outlook eset addin 1.JPG

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Please contact your local customer care. We haven't been reported any issue with the error that the ESET plug-in is not a valid Office plug-in. Beforehand I'd try uninstalling ESET and installing it from scratch (with Outlook not running).

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