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ESET took over ownership permissions to Exe without documentation

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I need help urgently. ESET prompted a pop up informing me that an .exe was identified as potentially dangerous. The log only shows that the file was scanned but not cleaned or quarantined. Also, there is no trace of the file in quarantine. However, when I try to run the application, it says "cannot access the specified device, path or application" and the file details show that I don't have permission to change the file's parameters and that I don't have ownership (Owner could not be displayed).

I don't know how to restore the file or regain ownership, since ESET is not giving me any information about the incident. 

I already set up an exception for the file and the path but to now avail.

What can I do?


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ESET does not open files for write unless cleaning is attempted. If the file was actually detected, provide a complete record (the whole line) from the Detected threats or on-demand scanner log.

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