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Question about the product

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Hello ESET

It's my first time buying license antivirus through a vendor called OCTAGON.

I have a CD Installer of this product. Living in the Philippines.

Windows 10, 64 bit, Intel Core i5 7th generation and 4 GB RAM.

I have three question about the product "ESET Internet Security" and others;

1.) How can I renew the license of this product? If I don't have a credit card or any alternative payment online.

2.) If I choose to upgrade or to replace this product for better security. What will happen?

3.) Is their available CD installer for ESET Smart Security Premium in the Philippines? Since I only buy through a vendor I mentioned.

Note: If you have other information relevant to my question, please add. Other relevant info should I know.

Pardon me, if I post in the wrong section in this forum

Thank you.


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Please contact Octagon, your local reseller, to answer your questions, especially 1 and 3. As for question 2, you can upgrade to ESS Premium which also contains Disk encryption and Password manager. If you purchase an upgrade to ESSP, uninstall EIS, install ESSP and activate it using the ESSP license key that you'll receive. In the future, it should be possible just to enter your license key and choose the product that you want.

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Thank for Reply.

I have a follow-up question:

1. Is the CD Installer came from a vendor which has a contract with ESET of selling the two product I mentioned in this thread a legitimate product? 

2. Do you know where I can buy your product in our region "Davao Region or Region 11 in the Philippines"? Because the vendor I bought the product only have ESET Internet Security.

3. If I will use full scan, Is it same detection rate of ESET Internet Security product compare to other products? I mean can you explain the comparison in this link: ( https://www.eset.com/ph/home/for-windows/ )

I bought ESET Internet Security same price online but excluding the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Thank you.

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