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ESET Smart Security "Failed to rename" when updating

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I searched around the forums but found no answer. When auto-updating or manually updating, ESET gives me this error (attached image).

I went into the F5 menu and Updates, and cleared cache and tried to update again. Still, the issue persists. This has been continuing for a short while (Close to a week), and I just shrugged it off as nothing, hoping a newer update would just fix it, but it hasn't.

I've never found issues with ESET, but this seems to be the first :/

I found a thread with this issue before, but it ended with some ESET collector and PMing a moderator or admin or something. 

Help is appreciated, thanks :D


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Uninstall the eset program via programs and features. After reboot go to registry editor and navigate to 

>>  Hkey_Current_user>>Software >> ESET and Hkey_Local_machine_>>Software and delete 

any entries for ESET. Also confirm ESET folder does not exist in C:\program files\eset - if so then del. 

Clear your windows temp files. Install ESS again via >> https://download.eset.com/com/eset/tools/installers/live_ess/latest/eset_smart_security_live_installer_us.exe     and install >  activate and see if you get same error. 

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