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Remove client from ERA server

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I have an ERA Server (version 6.5.522.0).  On occasion, I have clients either fail to pay for EEA licensing at renewal or wish to cancel service with us.  Now I have an endpoint that still checks in with the server and still has a functioning license.  I try to remove the endpoint from the ERA server by deleting it and 'Deactivating Products' and that doesn't work.  I try to go into 'Installed Applications' and at least uninstall the EEA client.  The task queues up to run, but the EEA is never uninstalled.  My question is, when these cancelled service machines check in, how can I get my license back off that machine, get them to stop checking in, etc. ?

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  • ESET Staff

In order to remove the client and force stop reporting to ERA console you have to remove the ERA agent instance.

You can do this by running "stop managing / uninstall ERA agent" task from ERA.  The best practice how to remove the computer from ERA (properly) would be:

  1. un-assign all policies
  2. Uninstall ESET Security products, by the means of "Software uninstall (this would also deactivate them (=free the license), if they have connection to ESET Licensing server)
  3. Run "stop managing task" from ERA
  4. Remove the computer from ERA (you might click "deactivate" just to be double sure the license is correctly freed



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