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Cannot activate 6.5.12010.0

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I have some probleme with the new version of Eset File Security for windows server. I installed 2 servers in cluster without problems, and I want to add a third to it. This server is the second domain controller on an other site, but in the same domain. The remote install was succesful, but the installed and clustered eset don't activating automaticly, and if I want to activate it, it says Activation failed, We could not reach the activation server.


I have live internet connection, I access to eset.com. I have not set a proxy server.
After this the processor is on 80-90% because of ESET Service.
I wanted to reinstall, but I cannot remove it, the uninstaller cant stop the eset service. It is just saying: Stopping (in hungarian)

I have administrator privileges. My Server is a Windows Server 2012R2, KVM Guest, it is a Domain Controller. I cant start the server in safe mode, and the remover not see this product. I deactivated the self-defense too.

The remover cant see it, cannot remove it:

How can I remove it? Or what is the problem?

Thanking in advance!

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I have some update for this:

I installed the software with the cluster wizard (like before post). When I installed to another server with Cluster wizard, the activation problem is again the same, cannot reach the server. But I can remove it now from this server, and install locally with the installer. When I Install locally I can Activate it!

Now the question is, that how can I remove it from my DC to reinstall and activate?

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OK I found the it!!!

In my server side I use proxy server, and my other site not using it, and not allowed to use from this site. The cluster applied the proxy for the other side too. I was more than 3,5Million blocked activation connection / hour to the proxy. Because of it was my processor usage very high, and freez the eset service.

Its all good now!

Varga Csaba

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