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"Failed to rename file"...?


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1 hour ago, Marcos said:

We'll need to get this confirmed by more users since in most Procmon logs we didn't see any SearchProtocolHost records. Moreover, in one ticket the user stated that disabling the Windows Search service didn't make any difference but we could not verify if the user really did what he had claimed.

(Un)fortunately, the issue manifests very rarely and we have only very few reports of it in the last months to definitely confirm that Windows Search is involved.

Makes sense. Unfortunately "Failed to rename file" is probably just a generic error that's caused by pretty much any service or activity on the client PC that causes a file access conflict with the ESET update, at the time it was attempting to automatically update.

In my specific case it appears to be the Windows Search service, but most likely there's plenty of other activities that could cause it.

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I don't know if this will apply to anyone else, but I re-enabled the Windows Search service on the one system that was throwing this error the most, since in my case it did seem like Indexing was causing this. I then upgraded it from 6.6.2052.0 to 6.6.2064.0 and this error hasn't come back.

Whatever was causing the file conflict may have been resolved in the new update by the looks of it.

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