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Installation Issues


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Dear Eset users,:)

I'm getting this error message during the installation of eset nod 32 64bit version on my windows 7 sp1 pc. Kindly take a look at the attached screen shot for better understanding. Please let me know what went wrong.

Thanks. :)

e trou.PNG

eset is.PNG

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During installation a copy of the msi installer is stored in c:\windows\installer. I assume that if this msi file is removed, the installer attempts to search for it in the user temp folder when you attempt to install a newer version over an older one or uninstall the existing version. If the installer was removed from both foldersyou are prompted for the path to the installer.

Please use the Uninstall tool in safe mode to remove the existing version as per http://support.eset.sk/kb2289 and install the latest v10.1 from scratch.

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Thank you Marcos. The problem has been resolved.. Also can you answer my few questions given below ?

1.Does EAV or ESS have an option similar to Avast's Hardened mode and Kaspersky's Trusted Application Mode ? Just asking this because it might be useful to my novice customers.

2.The earlier versions of eset show's the update info after a successful update, but not in the latest version. How to re enable that feature ?. I'd prefer this as it gives a visual clue that the program is being updated to the latest version.


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