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Slow Scans disable PC


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So my Dell Latitude came with ESET installed, and afaik. it is set to standard settings. This results in a VERY irritating PC scan that happens about twice a month or so. Doesnt seem too bad right? Well it takes about 5 hours. And for someone without alot of free time, 5 hours of not being able to do either your homework OR play games is very frustrating.

I tried to dive into the settings, but only found that there is a password on the system... Tried hacking it/guessing, couldnt get through.

Im also not sure why the scans take so long. Attached a DXdiag down below. Tips are always welcome!



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There are many factors that affect scan speed. Usually it's that users have large archives (e.g. iso files) that have to be unpacked during a scan which is a time consuming operation.

You can try disabling archives in the on-demand scanner profile that you use for scanning. Since you have the setup password protected and you don't know the password, I'd suggest uninstalling ESET in safe mode using the Uninstall tool and then installing the latest v10.1 from scratch.

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