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DESlock+ Enterprise console compatibility

Jürgen Mayer

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We plan to use DESlock+ inside our company. I read the system requirements for the Enterprise server and it seems Windows Server 2016 is not yet officially supported. Is this correct or are the system requirements outdated?


Best Regards

Jürgen Mayer

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello Jürgen,

We have not finished our testing cycle with Windows Server 2016 which is why you won't see any information about it at the current moment.

However from what I have seen so far, it will work and I have not run into any problems.

I would  refer  to this article however as it is not necessary to install the Enterprise Server on a Server OS if it is going to be dedicated to that.
http://support.deslock.com/KB105 - 'DESlock+ Enterprise Server System Requirements' 

Also this was an issue in Windows Server 2012 which we haven't tested with 2016: http://support.deslock.com/KB404 - 'ERROR : Installing SQL Express (851A001A) when installing on a Domain Controller'

Regards, P.R.

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