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DESlock+ Client version 4.8.17 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server version have been rolled back

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An issue found in  versions of DESlock+ Client 4.8.17 and Enterprise Server can cause unintentional file encryption.

These products have been replaced on ESET download servers with DESlock+ Client version 4.8.16 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server version to avoid potential complications. 

Who is affected?

If you installed DESlock+ Client 4.8.17 between August 3rd and August 24th, 2017, we strongly recommend that you back up all information on your systems and refrain from restarting unless you have already decrypted the system disc.  

We expect to release updated builds of these solutions soon and apologize for any inconvenience. 

Version log

Version 1.2 (Aug. 29th, 2017): third version of this document

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