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Auto-renew in the UK

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Yesterday I took advantage of a 50% Educational offer sent to me as a past user of Eset; https://www.eset.com/uk/backtoschool-eis/?utm_source=backtoschool&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=brand


As shown in the first attachment the Automatic Renewal box has been greyed out so I assumed that EIS was not auto-renewable. Checking my License management details I could see no mention of Auto-renewal. However, I sent an email to Eset UK checking the conditions of my license and they told me;    

"I can confirm that your licence is set to automatically renew with a card ending in XXXX. When your licence comes to expiration date it will then automatically renew for however many years you've selected."

Since there is nowhere in my License Management Window to disable Auto-Renewal am I stuck with this or is there hopefully another way to stop auto-renewal?



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I have Marcos.

They said that the only way that I can stop the auto-renewal is for Eset UK to remove the auto-renewal themselves for me.

So UK users be careful of this promotional offer, it is an automatic renewal of the license without it stating this fact.

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