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Update EES - Repository package checksum verification failed

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I want update EES from 6.5.2107.1 to 6.6.2046.0.

steps:- create Dynamic group 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' with wrong template (example, mobile phone, because I don't have any mobile in my RAS);

- create Dynamic group template 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' ( RULES: Installed software . Application name = (equal) ESET Endpoint Security AND Installed software . Application version ≠ (not equal) 6.6.2046.0)

- create Client task "install EES 6.6.2046.0" and add execution on Dynamic group 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' ;

- edit Dynamic group 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0' and change template from wrong "mobile phone" to correct 'EES <> 6.6.2046.0'

And then wait. For now I got 51 successfully and 90 not updated workstations. In both groups are 32/64bit and win7/win8.1 OS.


In ERAS - progress for failed workstations is "Repository package checksum verification failed".

Last-error.html from failed workstation (change two places with xxxxxx, because i dont know is this sensitive or not)

CSystemConnectorModule    2017-Aug-29 07:23:17    Repository: Downloading repository package 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.6.2046.0/ees_nt32_enu.msi'
CSystemConnectorModule    2017-Aug-29 07:23:27    Repository: Successfully downloaded repository package 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.6.2046.0/ees_nt32_enu.msi' to 'c:\Temp\aa35-6dc8-c1a9-f38c\ees_nt32_enu.msi'
CSystemConnectorModule    2017-Aug-29 07:23:27    Repository: Verifying integrity of downloaded repository package 'hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.6.2046.0/ees_nt32_enu.msi'
CSystemConnectorModule    2017-Aug-29 07:23:29    Repository: Downloaded repository package verification failed (computed: 8123a07a1a9afed05f4ab05c34deb1ef91xxxxxx, expected: 6f5cd06821c05b35dfdd8794d79eb20105xxxxxx)
CSystemConnectorModule    2017-Aug-29 07:23:29    Software installation failed: Package is corrupted or incomplete 



- RAS is on win7 64bit workstation.

- based on my previous steps RAS has got EES update too , and then do restart to complete update. Maybe this restart and ees update trouble all my client task (there is not any blocked FW connections).


How to solve this?

What else information You may help?

How You update Your EES and what is Your percent of success (without any manual interference)?


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  • ESET Staff

In short this error means, that downloaded installer has different checksum (sha1sum) than it was expected - it is used to detect corruption and also for security reasons. There are multiple reason this could happen, both in ESET infrastrcutrue, or on client machines:

  • it is possible, that wrong installer or metadata were presnet in ESET repository server during your installation attempts. I have just checked mentioned installer, and it's checkums seem to be correct. I have verified both US and EU repositories.
  • It is possible wrong installer file is downloaded (i.e. HTTP proxy may be serving wrong file).
  • Also something may have went wrong on client machine, for example is there enough disk space to download whole file? Incomplete file would result in checksum mismatch.

I would recommend to select specific client that failed to install product, and re-run task. It is possible, that you were downloading installer in the same moment that ESET repositories were synchronized, which may have restulted in mismatch of metadata with installers...

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info: re-run client task give the same error.

info: client disk space is not a issue.

Solution for me: I create new client task -> install by direct package url and point it to NAS share. like "file://\\192.168.x.x\deploy\Eset\6.6.2046.0\ees_nt32_enu.msi" and it successful install.

question: how to reset/clear cache of http proxy, to get right file?

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