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Windows Defender still in charge?

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As the title suggests, i wanted to join the community forum of my favorite security suit to ask a question that i was not able to get an answer from the world wide web. The reason why i am here is because an employee of Microsoft states that i should contact the support of ESET to solve this.


Hes saying that this may be not an issue on the operating system and also it might be not compatible with they're system which is weird. i didn't really understand what he meant by that. The operating system is 64bit and the software is 64bit. Do you think that the issue comes from the Creators Update which Microsoft has released recently? My PC is currently running Windows 10 Pro with the Creators update. if so, are the Devs of ESET thinking about patching they're firmware?

Would be really greatful to have someone able to as these technical questions from the inside.


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During install, ESET registers to Windows Security Center and Windows itself disables Defender's real-time protection. Try uninstalling ESET and installing it from scratch.

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