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Games are not happy with new ESET part 2


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Lets re-visit this:  This is directed at ESET Devs.


Fact: Something in your AV program ( 7.0.302.0 ) is causing serious lag in games and slow responses; Gamers are dropping ESET for other products because you are not LISTENING.   They don't have time to deal with your company if your not going to listen, they are just moving on to the dozens of other products on the market.  


Let take the latest Battlefield 4 on PC for example.  The Battlelog will not even freaking loadup and a webpage.  Why would a basic AV only program prevent that without any warnings? Why?  


As a customer of Eset ( AV only ) of 12 years, I am highly pissed to see the lack of responses. This forum alone is littered with issues with games. 

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This is your first post in our forum so I don't understand what lack of responses you're talking about. We indeed reply to posts and assist users if they run into an issue.

To start off, try disabling Advanced memory scanner to see if it makes a difference. Some games or applications might perform certain operations invoking memory scans intensively to such an extent that it results in lags. When we know that certain application behaves likes this we can do some optimizations to prevent lags from occurring.

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Lack of responses Haha

99% of the threads here have some type of response whether its in 2 minutes, or 2 days. Most people are diligent and provide assistance outside their normal working hours and the support here is provided as free. If you are trying to reach a solution on a demanding and imperative issue, a phone call or email might be more personal enough to have a ticket created for your issue.

Most of what i see are 1 hit wonder posts and people who never give back the correct information or the requested data to complete the investigation or assistance requested.

MrFester, threats are increasing everyday, and the demand for protection is screaming above the game world. ( I love to play games ).

That being said, Nod32 is growing and improving everyday, including its ability to detect and isolate threats. It has never heard of your game Battlefield so it will examine and watch most of what it does to ensure its not harming your computer.


As Marcos suggested you could try disabling some of the newer intensive tasks it performs that may create this said lag. Also, is a good reason Gamer mode was implemented. Have you also tried adding the game to the exclusions list ? I would add the entire game folder.


I on the other hand play games just fine, including battlefield, and i dont have these issues you are describing, I use Nod32 version 7!

So this may be a computer configuration or hardware limitation that you and others are experiencing, because we dont all have the same systems, some weaker then others. Mine on the other hand is not on the weak side. processor 4.2ghz overclocked, SSD raid 0, overclocked memory. ESET would have to try VERY HARD to make my system hang during use.


Hope to hear back from you, as i am sure we could find an end result of what is causing your lag ! ;)

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