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ESET Endpoint Security and ESET Endpoint Antivirus version 6.6.2046.0 have been released

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ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security version 6.6.2046.0 have been released.


  • Added: Ability to select logging severity for Firewall rules, HIPS rules, and protocol filtering URL lists for use reporting events to ESET Remote Administrator
  • Added: A notification is displayed when connecting to an unprotected WIFI network
  • Added: A true 64-bit kernel (ekrn.exe)
  • Changed: Update files are now in the form of dlls to substantially reduce memory consumption and improve performance
  • Changed: Enhancements of GUI including a new Update pane that lists the current product version.
  • Removal of Virus signature database info (virus signature database has been renamed “detection engine”), updated Help & Support section, new Setup pane design, new Logs layout, new layout for warning and blocked web pages alert 
  • Changed: Product initializes full protection including driver installation after activation
  • Changed: Firewall uses the Windows network settings as a default (no user prompt after installation)
  • Changed: Initial scan, which runs as idle scan, does not scan network drives
  • Improved: Increased protection through support for AMSI (Windows 10+)
  • Improved: Increased protection through Advanced scanning of browser scripts
  • Improved: Various graphical enhancements
  • Improved: Various wording changes in UI to improve user experience
  • Fixed: Initial scan will not start when a laptop is on battery power
  • Fixed: Other bug-fixes and optimizations
Known Issues:
  • It is not possible to update Endpoint 6.6 using Mirror tool from ESET Remote Administrator 6.5 and earlier or create an update mirror for Endpoint 6.6 using any product earlier than 6.6 (6.5 and older)
  • Micro updates are not currently supported for Endpoint 6.6
  • Endpoint may not restart automatically after an upgrade if it is installed via the ESET Remote Administrator software install task with AUTOMATICALLY RESTART IF NEEDED enabled
  • "Virus protection is out of date" may be displayed in Windows 10 Creators update
  • AV remover does not detect specific third-party products on windows 10x64  
  • "User rules file contains invalid data" may be displayed on Windows 10 when Device guard is activated under

Upgrade Clients to the Latest Version

Updated builds (version 6.6.2046.0 and later) of ESET endpoint products are available from the ESET Remote Administrator repository and the ESET download page

Known Issues

See our Knowledgebase article for known issues in ESET endpoint products.
Endpoint v6.6 can update only from a mirror created by another Endpoint v6.6. Older versions or products do not create a mirror compatible with this version. We strongly recommend using an HTTP Proxy to cache update files in network environments.
A new version of the Mirror tool that will also support creation of a v6.6-compatible mirror is in the works.

Support Resources

ESET provides support in the form of User Guides, fully localized application and online help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.

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