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Unable to access bank account

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I have just upgraded from Cyber Security to Cyber Security pro I had no problems accessing my bank account on line  now I cannot access it with the Pro version. To access the account I have to click on a keyboard which is displayed automatically, to enter my password. With the pro the keyboard does not appear so I can't enter my pass word. The website is ok I have checked the board is available when using Win 10. Any ideas other then reverting back to Cyber Security.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions  

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further to my previous posting. My time machine no longer works. I tried returning to Cyber Security and deleting the pro version with out any luck. Tried a number of things including re-installing the OS problem not fixed damage already done.

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Hi @nwarp, that is an odd situation. The difference between ESET Cyber Security and ESET Cyber Security Pro should not affect your banking online in your web browser.

In regards to your Time Machine no longer working, I'd need more information about what you mean. Is macOS unable to backup to Time Machine, or can you not enter or restore files from your Time Machine?

In terms of trying to delete the Pro version, the only way to uninstall is to use the uninstaller for the relevant version, which you can view more information on the ESET Knowledgebase here: https://support.eset.com/kb3239/?locale=en_US. You can also use the Uninstaller found inside the DMG file you downloaded to install ECS or ECSP. Then you can restart macOS and install the version that you wish to use.

Apologies for the very late response to your topic. If you still need any help or you have found a solution to these issues, feel free to reply.

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