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EIS issues with Win10 1703

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I've updated a computer from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro 1703 Comp. 15063.540 with EIS While EIS was working fine with Win7 now I get this warnings:



i've been reading and trying the solutions posted in this thread: 

 but nothing seems to work.


I tried with a fresh install of Win10 with no additional software, only EIS and updates:



It seemed to work but after the first reset I get the same issues agan.

My report of this advice: 

is the following:


A search of epfwlwf in drive C: returned no results, I can see hidden and system files but that driver is not in my drive.


I appreciate some advice about this issues, please excuse my poor english (not my native language).





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Besides the two logs from EpfwWfpRegV10.1.2.exe which you can attach to a post, also do the following:

- in the advanced setup -> Tools -> Diagnostics, enable advanced firewall logging and select "Full dumps" from the drop-down menu
- restart the computer
- disable logging
- create a dump via Tools -> Diagnostics -> Create (dump)
- collect logs via ELC
- upload the generate zip file to a safe location and pm me a download link.

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