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AMD K6-III+ and WinXP: Smart Security fails to install

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Old system I keep around for nostalgic fun, but I never had any issues using Nod32 on it (last version was 6 something, so no idea if this issue exists with Nod32 7). Decided to try Smart Security, but I received an error while trying to install it.



szAppName : ekrn.exe     szAppVer : 7.0.302.0     szModName : msvcr110.dll     
szModVer : 11.0.51106.1     offset : 000164c0   


It also references "appcompat.txt" and "ekrn.exe.mdmp"


When I open "ekrn.exe.hdmp" and "ekrn.exe.mdmp" Visual Stuidio tells me "This thread tried to execute an invalid instruction". Now, here's the thing: The AMD k6-III has no SSE instructions and because of such, I get this type of error across a wide range of modern software (because what doesn't have SSE these days but old AMD CPUs). However, I feel this system meets the system requirements of:



Windows XP:

  • 400 MHz 32-bit (x86)/ 64-bit (x64) processor (I have AMD K6-III+ 550Mhz)
  • 128 MB RAM of system memory (I have 512mb)
  • 320 MB available disk space (80GB)
  • Super VGA (800 × 600) (1400x900)

If someone wants the two files, "ekrn.exe.hdmp" and "ekrn.exe.mdmp" please message me, I can't attach both because it's over the 2mb forum attach limit. Again, I know this system is old and already on the verge of having WinXP become EOL next year, but I'm more reporting this in hopes it helps someone and also because I'm an ESET fan and like to see their stuff run.


Let me know what else you'd need from me, if anything. Thanks.

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the minidump was enough to find out that the crash occurs due to AMD K6-III not supporting cmov instruction. Our engineers recommend upgrading the hw or using v6.



Just responding here in case anyone else has the same issue. Alright, figured it wouldn't go on something so old. Thanks though.

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