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Licence requirements for RDS farm


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Good morning all

Hopefully I have put this in the right forum, I apologise if I have not. We are looking to migrate away from our current AV provider to ESET File Server Security. We are running about 300 VMs with somewhere around 3000 users in RDS. We are essentially the hosting provider to clients. I know under normal conditions that ESET is licenced per server, so we would need to purchase 300 licences for EFS. However, with is being a hosting provider, does this change the licencing model?

Many Thanks



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  • ESET Staff

Hello, For this scenario, license chapter about "terminal server usage" would apply. The requested product should be "ESET File Security for Microsoft Terminal Server", and pricing is set according to number of terminal connections. App. installed however, is the standard EFSW. Consult your local ESET partner for detailed price quote. 

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  • ESET Moderators

Hello JamesA,

I have forwarded your case to a country according your selected location so our specialist will contact you.

I will provide them with your e-mail, which you used for registration.

If you prefer any other channel, just send me a private message with details.


Thank you for choosing ESET, P.R.

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