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I bought a 3 years License for ESET Internet Security german in 2015. Since them, i had get automaticly updates from V8 to V9 to V10 without any problem. Now, I have had an hardware-error and because of that there was an reinstallation of Windows necessary. I installed ESET Internet Security V10 and tried to activate with my license from 2015. I had get the error ACT.33 and after searching in these forum and internet i think, my license is not an original german. Where can I check the license for an region lock? I think, when Eset publish an web-request-portal, where a buyer can check his license for region locks, these would be a good step for reducing illegal reselling of licenses - but I didn't found an portal with these function (only the converter for username and password to license-id).

I tried to contact my seller from 2015, but he didn't react on my requests. I have contacted the german eset support, but only get the feedback, that the license-id is from another country and I have to contact the seller...

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