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Firewall blocking some Chrome communication

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Recently, my computer has started notifying me when devices connect to the home network. I think within the past 2 days, I've seen an unknown device having some activity. What I've found is every time I open Chrome, the firewall blocks 4x communications for Chrome, and 4x for the IP address of that device.

Chrome seems to function fine.

I think I figured it out. I have Kodi installed on a Fire TV, and the IP address listed was for Kodi within the software. I don't quite understand why, but every time I open Chrome on my PC, I got the behavior above. I uninstalled Kodi, and now whenever I open Chrome, I get the same 2 items blocked, but instead of being blocked 4x, it's blocked 1x. When the Amazon Fire device is turned off, Eset Firewall doesn't block anything when I open Chrome on the PC. Maybe it has something to do with casting?

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