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Specifying Quarantine Levels

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I have searched the forums, as well as read some of the support articles and could not find anything pertaining to this subject. Hopefully someone here can provide some insight.

I have noticed that threats (files) marked as being adware are a.) not quarantined and thus b.) not cleaned during scans. Although not as big of a threat as a virus like a trojan, we would like these files to be quarantined on a user's machine so that we can run tasks to delete these items that users may not be managing themselves.

However, I scoured the options under policies in ERA and could not find anything pertaining to specifying quarantine levels. An example of an adware file we'd like to be quarantined is this: 


 (Cause: OSX/Adware.VSearch.S)

ERA Server version: 6.5.417.0

ERA Web console version: 6.5.388.0

All of our clients are Macs.

So is such a thing possible? Any help or advice would be appreciated, and of course please let me know if more clarification is needed.


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There aren't various levels of quarantine but there are 3 cleaning levels. With standard cleaning, potentially unsafe or unwanted applications, or archives that also contain benign files, or files on which a virus was detected but cleaning was not possible are not cleaned automatically and the user must select an action at the end of a scan. To clean everything automatically, set strict cleaning mode for the on-demand scanner profile that you intend to use for scanning.

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Ah okay, thank you. I was aware of the cleaning levels, but did not want to have to resort to strict cleaning since we tend to give our users a pretty liberal amount of freedom as far as managing their systems goes. I suppose there is not much of a choice however, since adware has become a problem on a few machines. I suppose we could make a group of people and apply a policy with the strict cleaning level only to them.

One last question regarding quarantine, are all items that are "cleaned" automatically quarantined? Or are they deleted?

Thank you.

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