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DNS Issues since

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Win10 15063.502

I updated ESET to a few days ago and have noticing some DNS timeouts across browsers (Firefox, IE, Edge).

I have 2 DCs, 1 is running 2016 and the other 2012R2.  Both point to google for forwarders.

No other machines on the domain have this issue and no other machines on the domain run Eset.

I don't have any evidence yet but when I pause protection the problem goes away.  


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Uninstall and re-install the program. After uninstall go into c:\windows\system32\drivers and confirm there is no drivers starting with epfw. if so then delete. Also delete if you see ehdrv, edevmon or eelam.sys. Before install of ESET go ahead and flush the dns. command prompt >> ipconfig /flushdns and the install ESET again. 

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