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Does Windows 10 Defender slow down laptop operation with eset Smart Security


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I am running eset Smart Security 9 with all updates

My Win 10 laptop 'pauses' frequently for periods of 10-30 seconds. Can Windows 10 Defender cause this ?

Is it safe to run eset smart security 9 without Win 10 defender ?

If so, what is an easy way to PERMANENTLY disable Win 10 defender.

Is it worth updating eset to smart security 10 to assist any of this ?


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The golden rule is that only one real-time protection should be active at a time. If you install ESET or another 3rd party antivirus, Windows will disable Defender. That also happens if an antivirus stops updating due to expired license; it has to deactivate its real-time protection and Defender will activate instead.

I'd strongly recommend upgrading ESET to the latest v10 which not only addresses issues from older versions but it also bring improved protection, especially on Windows 10 (in particular, AMSI scanner, advanced script scanner and protected service).

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