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Eset Firewall is Next gen firewall?

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Never seen a definition of a next-gen firewall. What do you mean? ESET uses an advanced firewall with intrusion detection system and network attack prevention that protects users from exploits exploiting vulnerabilities at the network layer.

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5 hours ago, karkas20 said:

Does firewall eset internet security is next gen firewall?

If you view Smart Security as an integrated security solution with all components designed to work together, then it complies with the following criteria for a next gen firewall(NGFW):

NGFWs are integrated network security platforms that consist of in-line deep packet inspection (DPI) firewalls, IPS, application inspection and control, SSL/SSH inspection, website filtering and quality of service (QoS)/bandwidth management to protect networks against the latest in sophisticated network attacks and intrusion.

First, NGFWs must be comprehensive, so that they include IPS, antivirus/malware prevention, application control, deep packet inspection and stateful firewalls (the former inspects incoming packets, the latter, outgoing), encryption, compression, QoS, and other capabilities.

Ref.: http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/feature/Introduction-to-next-generation-firewalls-in-the-enterprise

It should be noted that Smart Security is designed for the home user environment and cannot be compared to enterprise level NGFW solutions; many of which are dedicated hardware based solutions.

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