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"Computer protection" is off (red) after update to


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This happens consistently on a number of completely unrelated Windows 10 Pro x64 machines.

After update to version and rebooting the machine, "Computer protection" turns red because "Real time file system protection" is disabled (red switch). "Setup" tab of the GUI shows 1 warining about this.

Curiosuly, if pause protection, then switch to "Home" tab to re-enable protection, the problem clears itself. "Computer protection" becomes green and "Real time file system protection" turns on (green switch). However, after pausing, protection has to be re-enabled from "Home" tab specifically (re-enabling it in any other way does not clear the issue). And it only lasts till the next machine reboot. After reboot, "Computer protection" becomes red again and warning reappears.

At this point only 1 out of my 6 Windows 10 Pro x64 machines is free of this issue. The other 5 exhibit it consistently with the same symptoms (the machines are unrelated and were setup independently by different people).

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The problem could be that the system temp and tmp variables point to d:\temp. Currently upgrades fail if the temp folder is located on other than the system volume. Try uninstalling v10.1 and installing it from scratch.

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You should look at these threads :

I also have TMP / TEMP variables that point to a non default folder. This is my solution in order to fix that problem while waiting for a fix.

Note that this must be done after each update. Since this is lasting since version 9, I'd really like a fix now.

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I made a full uninstall (using Safe Mode and ESET's uninstaller untility). And then rebooted and reinstalled it from scratch using the live installer. This fixed the "Real time file system protection" problem. NOD32 GUI reports no problems now.

However, for some reason it keeps popping Windows notification/warning boxes in the lower-right corner of the screen telling me that ESET NOD32 requires my attention ("click to open GUI" and so on). These warning boxes expect me to click on them (or sometimes dismiss themselves leaving no trace in Windows notification pane). When I click on such notification, nothing happens.

They pop up periodically every 1-5 minutes or so.

Again, NOD32 GUI is free of any errors/warnings. What could be causing these superfluous warnings?

Screenshot (11).png

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