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Compatibility with Device Guard


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OS: Win 10.0.15063
EES: 6.5.2107.1

I've enabled Device Guard in audit mode.
After the computer restart Eset started in "restricted mode" ("Eset Endpoint Security is running in restricted mode, due to enabled Device Guard. Some protection components and product features are not supported in this environment")
It seems that it disabled these features, because it detected that Device Guard is enabled EVEN if it is only in audit mode (this means, every code execution is allowed (dll, exe, etc))
So currently I can execute everything, but Eset disabled HIPS, Firewall, IDS, Botnet protection.
I searched for information regarding the DG vs Eset compatibility in this forum, Eset KB, manual. Nothing useful.

Please advise, how could I re-enable these features.



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