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DESlock+ Client 4.8.17 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server 2.9.0 have been released

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These builds have been rolled back to address an issue that can cause unwanted encryption. See our new post for more information

DESlock+ Client 4.8.17 and DESlock+ Enterprise Server 2.9.0 have been released and are available to download.

DESlock Client 4.8.17

  • Added: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Support for Full Disk Encryption. TPM support requires TPM 2.0 and a UEFI BIOS. For more information see http://support.deslock.com/KB430 (Enterprise Client only)
  • Added: Monthly Subscription Licensing Support
  • Added: It is now possible to automatically start Full Disk Encryption after installation. See https://support.deslock.com/kb441 (Enterprise Client only)
  • Improved: Windows 10. Support for seamless in-place Operating System Upgrades when Full Disk Encrypted. For more information see http://support.deslock.com/KB379
  • Fixed: Implemented a fix that prevents external parties from exploiting the DESlock+ file-system mini-filter and causing a kernel buffer overflow 
  • Fixed: Auto enrolment (ES Direct) could fail to communicate on machines with multiple network adapters (Enterprise Client only)
  • Fixed: Under Windows 10 expired licenses would stop users being able to open Settings (Control Panel) and miscellaneous other normal Windows tasks

DESlock Enterprise Server 2.9.0

  • Added: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) support (https://support.deslock.com/kb430)
  • Added: During the setup phase, the Enterprise Server will automatically attempt to enable HTTPS support
  • Added: Logging support to dlprimsrv for remote install operations
  • Added: Logging support to admin password reset tool
  • Added: Support for monthly licensing
  • Added: Filter for workstations in "alert" state
  • Added: Team selection to some reports
  • Improved: Reporting of errors when generating ES Backup file
  • Improved: Support for PHP 7.1
  • Improved: Managed remote install with improved reporting of MSI Exec failures
  • Improved: Managed remote uninstall with improved status reporting
  • Improved: Activate Directory sync can now update the distinguishedName of an object it has already cached
  • Improved: Extended ES direct to support auto encryption functionality
  • Fixed: Problems uploading user SSL certificates into the Enterprise Server
  • Fixed: Error message display from a failed admin password reset attempt
  • Fixed: Events that reported "null" for some event parameters
  • Fixed: Formatting of plural forms in some event messages
  • Fixed: Some issues with the Active Directory test feature where it could ignore user settings
  • Fixed: Issues creating organizations in the setup wizard which could fail silently
  • Fixed: Download of reports containing UTF-8 characters in the filename
  • Fixed: Handling of special FDE login types on when using foreign languages

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