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Scan removable media automatically


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Hello All,

I've been a long time user of Eset Nod32 on my own systems.

At work is a different story.  Our current AV product; well, it leaves some to be desired.  So, I have convinced powers that be, to give Eset a try.

We are currently in a trial license.


Anyway - We are using Eset Endpoint AV and I have the Remote Admin up and running.  Updates are working so....

What I would like to get configured is an automatic scan of removable media upon connection.  I know how to manually set it from the client side; however, cannot find it within the RA default policy.

Could someone point me to the correct spot?



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You'll find this option under Real-time system protection -> Settings -> External devices action. Although the translation is a little bit weird, it should do what you wanted to achieve. We'll do our best to amend it as soon as possible.

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