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JS/Chromex.Submelius.D trojan

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Hi to all,


I am very concerned with the status of my computer because every time I get on the internet I keep having this messages about trojans. I run scans on my computer but esset don't see any threat. I tried to reset chrome, delete extensions, used eraremover_x64, Malwarebytes, spybots, etc, and nothing happens. I keep having these annoying pop up windows which doesn't make me feel safe at all. Also I tried with Microsoft Edge but I have the same problem.


Ill appreciate all your help.





Trojan 1.jpg

trojan 2.jpg

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Since this is happening on all browsers you are using, I suspect something has installed a hidden localhost proxy server on your PC. What I don't really like is the Eset firewall by default will allow all inbound and outbound connections for 127.0.0.x addresses which is what the proxy uses. Appears the proxy is capturing the browser outbound traffic at startup and redirecting to the malicious IP address Eset is detecting.

Another possibility is that your router has been hacked and the redirection is occurring there. You can try to reset your router and see if that resolves the issue. If this doesn't resolve the issue, I would recommend you open an Eset tech support request for assistance in the issue of removing the hidden localhost proxy server.

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