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Another ransomware that escapes from ESET's detection

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37 minutes ago, itman said:

In reviewing my Eset event log, I receive signature updates every 3 - 4 hours with the norm being every 4 hours. This frequency has been a constant since I first installed Eset back in the ver. 8 days. For an AV whose primary detection method is signature detection, that is unacceptable. In contrast, Emsisoft which does employ dynamic behavior analysis in addition to signatures provided by Bitdefender detection updates their signatures on an hourly basis by default. So should Eset.

That is not correct. Cloud blacklists are downloaded every few minutes. The problem with frequent updates is that you can't test them against clean files. Also in case of a false positive, they can affect many more users within a short period of time. But yes, we are working on significant improvements to make delivering updates even faster.

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If i remember correctly this was something that raised an issue away back when NOD32 was in its infancy (Pre - v3). The database updates were actually 20+ some days and it did create a larger amount of false positives. Reducing the number did have a positive impact on the amount of wrongly identified files, whilst at the same time did not reduce its effectiveness with proper detection of real threats.

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