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Hi, since ESET File Security for Windows Servers 6.5 we are having issues with unwanted alerts. We get Anti-Phishing alerts even though we don't enable them.

I attached screenshots of our settings. 

Anybody else shares the same issue?





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  • ESET Staff

Hi ronmanp,

If you don't have the latest EFSW version please try upgrading (https://forum.eset.com/topic/12540-eset-file-security-for-microsoft-windows-server-version-65120100-has-been-released/)

If it doesn't help, you can try removing Web and email protection completely - just run installer > Modify > uncheck Web and email

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  • Administrators

In order for me to review your Endpoint configuration, drop me a pm with ELC logs attached. For instructions how to use ELC, see the appropriate link in my signature.

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Hi Marcos, I get this problem only with version 6.5.12007.0. Previous builds didn't have that issue (same EFSW policy via ERA 6.5.522.0)

I'll try 6.5.12010.0 and let you know.


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