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ESET SysRescue version released

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A new version of ESET SysRescue has been released. See the ESET SysRescue Download page for more information and to download the tool. 


  • Added: Midnight commander and Gnome partition editor utilities
  • Changed: Update the distribution's software packages to their latest versions
  • Changed: Update SysRescue documentation
  • Fixed: Creating Live USB from ISO fails
  • Fixed: Missing Help for Live USB boot
  • Fixed: Inconsistent installer menu booted from ISO and USB
  • Fixed: Bootable USB creation fails on Windows 10
  • Fixed: Product entry missing in Application menu
  • Fixed: Create/Erase Live USB does not work when system is booted from USB/CD-DVD
  • Fixed: Threat exclusions do not work
  • Fixed: Create Live USB process fails with error
  • Fixed: Erase Live USB process fails with error
  • Fixed: Local drive not available as scan target by default for Computer scan
  • Fixed: Task panel disappears after Desktop refresh
  • Fixed: Update ability of scanning engine databases on LiveUSB by enlarging the data partition
  • Fixed: Inability to update scanning engine databases due to erroneous link
  • Fixed: Launching applications using the .desktop files requiring terminal
  • Fixed: Icons disappear from Desktop after selecting few icons
  • Fixed: GParted: Program should start after closing
  • Fixed: Linux: Create Live USB process fails with error
  • Fixed: "Erase Live USB" tool did not display any information when empty USB drive used

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