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free up seats/license


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I have Eset file and eset endpoint, managed by ERA 5.2. Seems ver 6 has "delete license". 

Do i free up seats by deleting computers from the console or must i delete the app from the pc then the console (which is quite a headache to get to at times). ? 

we are implementing new pcs for excisting users. Installing Eset on the new pcs. 

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @rmueller

Apology for the late reply.
I suggest you migrate to ESET Remote Administrator 6 because you can control all Endpoint v5 and have a better control of the use of the license.

If delete the terminal from the console v5, those computers who don't report back don't show again. Is not need to delete ESET from the terminal.

Let us know how goes...

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