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NOD32 7.0.32 prevents access to web interface of Gateway


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I have a Win7 x64 w NOD32 ver 7.0.302 Pace 5168N-010 Internet Gateway box supplied by my ISP. It has a web interface accessible via The other day I tried accessing the interface from Windows 7 x64 via the LAN here through IE 10, Chrome  31.0.1650.34 beta-m, Opera 17.0.1241.45 via hxxp:// and was told that the page could not be displayed. For some reason Firefox 25 has no such problem.  A Windows 8.1 box with NOD32 Ver 7.0.302 and IE 11 and Chrome has the same problem. An XP computer with NOD32 version 6 has no problem with IE 10 or Chrome.



On the Win7 x64 box I tried using https rather than http. I ignored the security cert warning and was able to access the box's web interface! problem using hxxp://


On my Win7 x64 box I disabled NOD32 and had no problems with IE, Chrome nor Opera. Same thing with the Win 8.1 box. Why is NOD32 7.0.302 blocking access to this address?


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Does adding the IP address to the list of addresses excluded from protocol filtering make a difference? Maybe the router's http server doesn't comply with rfc standards for http protocol which would cause issues like that.

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