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Windows 8.1 support


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Does Eset Endpoint products support Windows 8.1?


And what about Eset File Security and server 2012 R2?


Also, It seems that you are making a lot of improvements to the home user version woth both version 6 and 7, and I was wandering when theese will make it to the Endpoint solution?

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Hello rekun,


Regarding Operating System compatibility


The current versions of Endpoint Antivirus and Endpoint Security are compatible with Windows 8.1.

The latest version of File Security is compatible with Windows Server 2012. 


For more information, please see the following Knowledgebase article:

What operating systems are ESET products compatible with? (Business Users)



Regarding new features


We are continually developing and upgrading our products and their features. We welcome your feedback and suggestions.


The best way to be notified of new versions and other ESET news is to follow our Support blog, Like ESET USA on Facebook, or follow ESET on Twitter:

Facebook: ESET USA
Twitter: ESET USA
ESET Support Blog
You can also subscribe to the Customer Care Support News RSS feed.


Thank you,


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The current versions of Endpoint Antivirus and Endpoint Security are NOT compatible with Windows 8.1.

Compatibility with Windows 8.1 will be available in later versions.


Please watch our ESET Support News for announcements about new releases.

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Could you describe what part is not compatible please? I'm using ESET endpoint 5 on win 8.1 and it seems fine.....but what are the risks of me doing so? Am I protected? Am I risking system instability?

To say that it is not compatible suggests you know of a reason, would you mind posting details please?

Many thanks,


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Hi Chadh


Thanks for you reply.


I need to say that I am not very impressed by this. Windows 8.1 is an update which is installed by the users directly from the Store without the need of the IT department. This also Means that we have a alot users running 8.1 now, without a supported antivirus solution.


So we need to uninstall Eset at theese computers and activate the free Windows Defender? if this is the case, i guess that many users will just stay with the free av.


You already have 8.1 support for home users, and it seems to me like you have making the home users a top priority. The endpoint version is already old, and could also benefit from all the new features you have provided in version 6 and 7 for home users.


It also took you about half a year to support Server 2012, which is waaayy too long, and now againg, no idea to when you will be able to support Server 2012R2.


I think, that you need to improve your support to business users.

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Well it seems that you have just released an update with support for server 2012 R2, now we only need Endpoint to support Windows 8.1 :)

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  • ESET Moderators


Support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 will soon be available for ESET's Endpoint programs.

I do not have a release date or notes that I can share at this point, but as soon as it's available we will let you know via the forum and other announcement mechanisms (Twitter, ESET's RSS feeds, etc.).


Aryeh Goretsky

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Version 5.0.2225.0

  • Added: Windows 8.1 compatibility

Fixed: Increased login time for domain user's first login

Fixed: User cannot access encrypted USB drive on Windows 7

Fixed: Rollback restores incorrect module architecture on Windows 7 64-bit

Fixed: Wrong display of network path in GUI logs

Fixed: Occasional crashing of Microsoft Outlook 2013 when sending a message on Windows 7 32-bit

Fixed: Client logs sent multiple times to ESET Remote Administrator when the optimization button is pushed

Fixed: Problem with automatic Send/Receive in Microsoft Outlook 2013 on Windows 7

Fixed: Quarantined files (false positives) are not restored to their original location with automatic restore after the update of virus signature database

Fixed: Email plugin not integrated correctly on Windows Live Messenger 2012 on Windows 8 32-bit

Fixed: Blue screen error (BSOD) after integration of Device Control on Windows XP SP2 and older

Fixed: Occasional blocking of printers and Bluetooth without adding rules to Device control

Fixed: Error when sending message with no sender address

Fixed: Scanning of Microsoft Outlook messages with Symantec Enterprise Vault integrated causes the attachment icon to disappear

Fixed: Microsoft Outlook crashes upon exit when connected to Kerio Mail Server via Kerio Outlook Connector v8 on Windows XP, Windows 7

Fixed: Issues mounting Elpro Libero PDF logger device

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As of today, Windows 8.1 is supported by the latest version of Endpoint products, 5.0.2225. I have adjusted my previous post to reflect these updates.


If needed, you can download the latest version of your ESET product here:




Thank you very much for your patience.

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