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Realtime Protection Disabled - Unable to Enable

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I have two PC's that were both running ESS v10.0.204 but got updated to version 10.0.210. Since the update, both have Real Time Protection disabled. I cannot enable it.

One PC is running Windows 7 32bit, the other Windows 10 64bit.

I have uninstalled ESS from both, AND also used the ESET Uninstaller run from Safe Mode. The re-installed ESS, but I still can't get Real Time Protection to enable.

As my subscription expires soon I am seriously thinking of changing my choice of AV software.




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Please collect logs with ELC as per the instructions linked in my signature, upload the zip archive to a safe location and pm me a download link.

This issue can be caused by ESET not being activated, by corrupted engine or by insufficient free RAM to name some reasons that have occurred me.The logs should reveal more info so we'll see. I'm quite optimistic about that we will be able to figure out the culprit.

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Also on the Win 10 PC, verify via Control Panel -> Security Settings that Windows Defender is disabled.

I assume at this point WD is enabled. Go into Win 10 settings and turn it off. Then check Eset GUI settings to determine if Eset realtime  protection is enabled. If not enabled, try to do so manually. If Eset realtime protection still disabled, reboot and then check if it is enabled.

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