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unable to authenticate ESA Server after changing system

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Dear all,

I am using ESET Security Authentication on my windows server 2012 & it has configured for “Windows login” and “RDP” authentication.

Now due to some reason I need to change the system.

As mentioned in the ESET KB articles, it not necessary to backup ESA Server & its database as all data is stored on the AD only.

So, finally I have installed ESA Server on the different server, but I am unable to access that machine via RDP.

Please see the attached error message.

Also I don’t have the access of that server physically, so I can not check anything else.

Please help in this case ASAP, as my older server will be crash in few days.

Thanks & Regards,

Chetan Mhala.

ESA Authentication Error.JPG

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  • ESET Staff

Hi there

in general, it is really hard for us to provide help if we do not receive log files from the product to investigate possible issue, but it seems (according to the issue number) that it has to do something with compatibility between components. 

It seems that you have installed latest RDP plugin and ESA server (on the new server) and when accessing the new server via RDP (with ESA plugin), the newest plugin is connecting to the old ESA server , installed on the old server.

Try to deactivate/uninstall ESA core on the old server. Or even better, before doing anzthing, trz to share as much details as possible with us, e.g. esa server versions, plugin version, better describe zour actual setup, what computer is connecting to which, domain description etc. So we can make a better decision.

As we are at the moment guessing what could went wrong and there will be some follow up activities needed, please try to contact you regional reseller to create an official support ticket for you, so relevant team can help you. Or if you are an reseller/disributor, you are able to create a support ticket directly.


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  • ESET Staff

I'm assuming it's opposite scenario that old ESA RDP plugin (version 2.5.23) is trying to connect new ESA server (2.6.12).
Please let us know what steps did you take. If my assumption is correct then the easiest solution will be to downgrade ESA core back to version 2.5.23.

I agree with Vladimir, the best way to troubleshoot this issue will be the submission of GPC case

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